Sanyo-Momo advance, Belasteguin and Diaz meet again


Sanyo-Momo advance, Belasteguin and Diaz meet again

Momo González and Sanyo Gutiérrez have won 6-3 6-4 against Agustin Gutierrez and Josete Rico in the Adeslas Valencia Open.



Gutierrez faced his nephew in Agustin Gutierrez, but only needed to sets to best his younger family member as well as the Valencian player Rico.

Elsewhere, there was a reuniting between Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz, who were once number ones of the world together for 13 years in a row.

Diaz has never beaten 'Bela' since their split, and could not do so either on this occasion as the Argentinian and Miguel Yanguas advanced into the quarter-finals.

Watch all of court 2 and 3's highlights below!

Matches in chronological order:

Alejandro Ruiz / Juan Tello (7) vs Mario del Castillo / Miguel Benitez

Fede Chingotto / Paquito Navarro (5) vs Denis Perino / Miguel Lamperti

Sanyo Gutierrez / Momo Gonzalez (4) vs Josete Rico / Agustin Gutierrez

Miguel Yanguas / Fernando Belasteguin (6) vs Juan Martin Diaz / Jairo Bautista

Luciano Capra / Maxi Sanchez (8) vs 'Xisco' Gil / Ramiro Moyano