Overview: The youngest quarter-finalists in World Padel Tour history!

Overview: The youngest quarter-finalists in World Padel Tour history!

With the record broken in both the men's and women's tours in 2023, we look back at the youngest quarter-finalists in World Padel Tour history!



The future of World Padel Tour is in safe hands. The 'oldest' of the current number one couples in the men's and women's tour is Paula Josemaria at 26 years of age, a real sign of how the sport has created a current generation of stars.

However, the next generation of World Padel Tour is already knocking on the door. The record for youngest quarter-finalist was broken in 2023 in both tours, while we have seen two 17-year-olds make it to finals as well in Claudia Jensen and Valentino Libaak. 

Below, we go through the three youngest quarter-finalists in both draws' history!


Youngest quarter-finalists in women's World Padel Tour history

3. Marta Ortega - 16 years, seven months, 13 days old

A player who almost always shows up in lists like these is Marta Ortega, who has been competing at the top of World Padel Tour since she was a teenager.

It would be in 2013 when Ortega would reach her first quarter-final, playing with Lucia Sainz at the Granada International Open. Ortega and Sainz would go on to reach two finals in 2014, including the Master Final, but not win a title.


2. Bea González - 16 years, four months old

Like Ortega, Bea Gonzalez prominently features on every list involving the youngest player to reach any round. Gonzalez was only 14 years old when making her first main draw, and would reach the quarter-finals at 16 years and four months old.

She held the record for being the youngest-ever quarter-finalist (as she still does for youngest player in the round of 32, round of 16, semi-finals and youngest title winner), until it was beaten earlier this season.

Still only 21, Gonzalez is enjoying one of her best-ever seasons already in 2023, winning two titles with Delfi Brea after teaming up with the Argentinian during the season.


1. Andrea Ustero - 16 years, one month, 11 days old

Only a month after making it into the main draw for her first time, Andrea Ustero found herself in the quarter-finals already with 17-year-old Alejandra Alonso.

She could not have picked a better tournament to do it either, as it was during the Barcelo Valladolid Master, one of the most prestigious and iconic events on the calendar, announcing herself on the biggest of stages.

Ustero had turned 16 just a month earlier, and therefore broke Bea Gonzalez's record that had stood for five years. While her career is still in its infancy, Ustero is a tremendously exciting prospect, and is all but guaranteed to make big waves in the near future.

Youngest quarter-finalists in men's World Padel Tour history

3. Javi Garrido - 18 years, six months old

Like Bea Gonzalez in the women's tour, Javi Garrido is the record holder for being the youngest player in almost every round. He is still the only 16-year-old in the men's tour to have made it out of qualifying, and made his first round of 16 on his 17th birthday.

Until recently, he was also the youngest quarter- and semi-finalist due to his 2019 Alicante Open with Martin Di Nenno, when they reached an unlikely semi-final. Still only 22 now, Garrido has made many semi-finals now and even made an appearance in the Miami Padel Open final in 2022.

The next step will be to qualify for the Master Final at the end of the season to cement his place at the top.


2. Javi Leal - 17 years, nine months, 16 days old

Another player with a tremendously bright future is young Spaniard Javi Leal, who made his first quarter-final in 2021 in spectacular fashion.

At the Vigo Open, he and Miguel Semmler started in pre-qualifying, and won eight matches in a row to make the quarter-finals. It is the only time any couple has ever achieved this and will achieve this, since pre-qualifying no longer exists.

It was the first quarter-final for both Semmler and Leal in their careers. While Semmler has not made one since, Leal has made a total of six now, with the semi-finals being the logical next step for the 20-year-old.


1. Valentino Libaak - 17 years, seven months, one day old

The La Rioja Open 2023 will forever be remembered for the performance of Argentinian teenage sensations Valentino Libaak and Leandro Augsburger.

Libaak and Augsburger, a wild card entry, sensationally made the final of the tournament, shattering numerous records while doing so.

They were the first wild cards to make the quarter-finals, let alone the final, and the youngest couple to make the quarters, semis and a final in World Padel Tour history at a combined age of 35.

As the younger player of the two, Libaak became the youngest male quarter-finalist, semi-finalist and the youngest finalist outright in World Padel Tour history, all in the space of three days. Although he has not made a quarter-final since, this is his first year of competing in World Padel Tour. A name to remember for the future!

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