The constant evolution of World Padel Tour


The constant evolution of World Padel Tour

As World Padel Tour turns ten years old, we look back at the competition's - and sport's - exponential growth and evolution over the past decade.



In its ten years of existence, WPT has firmly established itself as the reference point of professional padel, helping the sport as a whole in its global expansion during this period.

Not only has padel become the second-most played sport in Spain behind football, it is gaining traction worldwide on both a professional and as a leisure sport.

Unsurprisingly, most countries' main television networks have acquired broadcasting right for World Padel Tour, meaning the competition can be seen on television in over 160 different nations.

This growth is also reflected on social media. Across all platforms, WPT has accrued over four million followers, a figure which, for example, trumps most professional football teams across Europe's top five leagues. 

Improvements in infrastructure and attention to the player

Since 2013, groundbreaking improvements have been made to enhance the competition aspect of World Padel Tour.

Every tournament, for example, now features five 'centre courts', meaning that all courts are up to spec compared to the actual centre court - playing surface outside of the court, ballboys and girls, from the first round of qualifying onwards.

The same goes for the gym, physiotherapy, players' lounge and other facilities players possess in the main draw.

Additionally, every department of World Padel Tour will always have a representative on-site for players regarding any doubts, questions or comments. This also extends to the medical and physio teams, who know the needs of all players to the finest detail.

One of the latest technical innovations has been the introduction of the Foxtenn technology to aid the umpiring team for any match on centre court.

This arbitral system is the most precise technology in the world of tennis already, having been approved by the ATP, WTA, ITF and Grand Slam technical committees. Now, this same system has been made available to World Padel Tour.

Broadcasting perhaps is one of the aspects of WPT that has evolved the most in recent seasons. The addition of now allows fans to tune in to any tournament for free; six matches in the round of 32 (or 12 in the case of a Master), and six more in the round of 16, offered in both English and Spanish. 

In English, coverage has increased by 400% in the last two seasons as World Padel Tour has made a conscious effort to provide multilingual broadcasts to its increasingly more international audience.

Celebrity guests can be spotted in the stands at every tournament, with the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Zinedine Zidane, Jimmy Butler, Tony Parker and Ludacris all attending recent tournaments. 

Ten years of constant evolution, but with plenty more still to come. The emergence of World Padel Tour has only just started.

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