World Padel Tour's best-ever seasons: Lima and Bela's 2016

World Padel Tour's best-ever seasons: Lima and Bela's 2016

We look back at some of the best-ever seasons in World Padel Tour. Today, Lima and Bela's 2016.



It is arguably the most dominant year of the most dominant couple World Padel Tour has ever seen, simply put.

Lima and Belasteguin won 12 of their total 37 titles as a couple in the 2016 campaign, losing just one match in the entire year - or three if you count the walkover losses because of injury.

Below, we detail the all-conquering year of the Brazilian-Argentinian tandem that had World Padel Tour in a stranglehold for several years.

Heading into 2016, Lima and Belasteguin were the reigning number ones, having won 11 titles together in the year prior, taking 53 consecutive matches in the process before finally falling in the Master Final.

They started 2016 by winning the Gijon Open, but were pipped in the semi-finals of the Valencia Master by Sanyo Gutierrez and Paquito Navarro, who would become their biggest rivals for the next two years. It would be the only time all season where they would be beaten on the court. 

'Bela' and Lima retook the initiative of the season by winning their next 24 matches in a row, including titles in Barcelona, Las Rozas, Mallorca, Valladolid and Las Palmas. 

Pablo Lima injured himself in the Alicante semi-final, meaning the Brazilian could not play in the final, handing him and Belasteguin their second loss of the season. 

It would prove nothing more than a hickup, however, as the South American duo again went on an incredible winning streak, taking 29 consecutive matches until the very last tournament of the season. Their third loss too came because of a Pablo Lima injury, at the semi-final of the Master Final.

So, 61 matches played, 60 won, one lost - and two more walkover losses. Over an entire season. Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima were no joke in 2016.

The numbers behind the season

If you count the walkover losses, Lima and Belasteguin had an eye-watering 95,2% win rate. If you discount those two losses, and only look at matches they actually participated in, Bela and Lima had a 98,4% win rate, losing on the court just once all season long.

They won 12 of the 16 tournaments that season, meaning they won 75% of all events in 2016, including the Mendoza Open that they missed, and the two tournaments they lost because of injury. Of the 13 tournaments they finished, they won 12 titles. Unparalleled dominance. 

While their longest winning streak came in 2015 - a record 53 consecutive wins - Lima and Belasteguin did have a 24 and 29 game winning streak, only interrupted because of that Alicante final walkover loss.

By all accounts, then, 2016 is the most dominant season by any single couple in World Padel Tour history.

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