World Padel Tour records unlikely to ever be broken again

World Padel Tour records unlikely to ever be broken again

We list five of the records held in World Padel Tour history that are unlikely to ever be broken in the future of professional padel.



Hundreds of tournaments have been contested by thousands of players across the 11 seasons of World Padel Tour.

With so much data to pour over, there are a lot of outliers - and some records that have been set are simply extraordinary.

Below, we detail some of the records we think are unlikely to ever be beaten - although it can never be ruled out completely!


Unreachable age-related records in World Padel Tour

First, there are two age-related records we think will stand the test of time - albeit at different ends of the spectrum. 

In 2015, Willy Lahoz started the season alongside Fernando Belasteguin as the latter player's new partner partner Pablo Lima was injured. 

Lahoz and Belasteguin won both tournaments they played, the San Fernando and Isla de la Palma Open, making Lahoz the most veteran player to lift his first title at 43 years and seven months old.

Nobody has come near this record. Ana Catarina Nogueira was the only other play to win their maiden tournament over the age of 40, but was still three years short of Lahoz's record. Padel is becoming a 'younger' sport by the day - the 2023 Boss Barcelona Master Final was the youngest Master Final ever. 

In contrast, Bea Gonzalez's record for the youngest player to make the round of 16 is also unlikely to be beaten. Gonzalez was just 14 years and four months old when reaching the Valencia Master round of 16 with Paula Eyherabiel in 2016. Lorena Rufo came near the record in 2018, but no player has done since - nor are they likely to as the sport continues to professionalize and become more competitive. 

Winning streaks and seasons in World Padel Tour

Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia's first half of the 2023 season broke several records, but did not even come within ten wins of breaking the record set by Fernando Belasteguin.

Coello and Tapia looked utterly invincible to start 2023, winning 46 matches and nine titles on the spin, but still fell 17 matches and four titles short of 'Bela' in 2015.

The Argentinian won 63 matches in a row in 2015, winning the first 13 tournaments he participated in - two with Willy Lahoz, 11 with Pablo Lima. Bela missed tournaments through injury, and almost went the whole season unbeaten, only losing at the Master Final in the semi-finals. With the competitive nature of professional padel in the modern era, domination to this extent is extremely unlikely ever to happen again. 

In 2016, Lima and Belasteguin won 12 of the 16 tournaments, meaning they won 75% of all tournaments held that year. Mapi and Majo did the same in 2017, winning nine of 12. The number of tournaments per season now is a lot greater, meaning it is becoming exponentially difficult to match a 75% title rate across an entire season.

For example, Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez's 2023 saw them win a record-breaking 13 titles, but even that only gives them a 54% title rate over the year, with 24 tournaments played.

As World Padel Tour has exploded over the last decade, the sport has logically come by leaps and bounds in terms of professionalization and competition.

Domination to the extent of several years ago will be increasingly difficult, making the abovementioned not impossible to ever be beaten, but incredibly unlikely. 

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