Head's conscious environmental effort

Head's conscious environmental effort

HEAD Padel have launched their new recyclable ball cans called HEAD Rethink



HEAD has been an official sponsor of World Padel Tour for almost a decade, and the company has now taken the next step with its sporting products to increase environmental sustainability. 

Quality is always guaranteed with HEAD products, but additionally, their ball cans will be fully recyclable from now on.

Both professional and amateur players will have these at their disposal with the HEAD Padel Pro and HEAD Padel Pro S. The cans are made of PET plastic, which is 100% recyclable, with less labelling on the can. The re-design of the cans is part of the HEAD Rethink initiative to increase sustainability, the goal of which is to limit the environmental impact of HEAD products 

HEAD is one of the leading brands in padel and sponsors three current number ones in Paula Josemaria, Ariana Sanchez and Arturo Coello as well as many other elite players in World Padel Tour.

"We've decided to abandon PVC, which is not recyclable, and have switched to polypropylene (PP) instead. This material is much more friendly to the environment and can be completely recycled," says Mauro Pinaffo, HEAD's Senior Global Product Manager Balls & Accessories.

He added that "the new design uses less tinting, making it easier to re-use the material for other products."

Simon Brenneis, Global Business Manager Footwear & Balls: "In our opinion, not only will the cans be easier to recycle, but they will be much more attractive for padel fans around the world. We think that the visual differentiation between the HEAD Padel Pro (silver) and the HEAD Padel Pro S (gold) will also help consumers to find their preferred HEAD ball."

Despite the new material composition of the ball cans, they still guarantee optimal ball pressure, something which has not been changed to guarantee the same performance. According to Mauro Pinaffo: "For HEAD, the performance of the product is fundamental and therefore the balls have not undergone any changes, they remain the same, but with better and more sustainable packaging".

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