The 10 couples with 10 titles in WPT history

The 10 couples with 10 titles in WPT history

We look back at the ten couples in World Padel Tour history to have won ten titles together.



10. Arturo Coello / Agustin Tapia: 10 titles, 11 finals

The new entry to this list are the all-conquering Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia, who have utterly dominated World Padel Tour in the 2023 season.

Coello and Tapia started the year winning the first nine tournaments they played, missing both Open 500 events as well as the Cupra Danish Padel Open and Human French Padel Open, winning a scarcely believable 46 matches and nine titles in a row.

While their unbeaten streak has been snapped, they have dominated modern professional padel in a historic way, reaching double digits in titles after just half a season.


9. Lucia Sainz / Gemma Triay: 12 titles, 21 finals

A long-term project that started in 2016, Lucia Sainz and Gemma Triay gradually worked their way to the top of the World Padel Tour rankings together. 

They came close to becoming number ones in 2018, winning four titles, and would eventually reach number one status in 2020, winning five of the 11 tournaments that season.

2020 would also be the final season of their five-year project, finishing it on the highest of highs by winning the Master Final in Triay's native Menorca to secure their place as number ones.


8. Alejandra Salazar / Marta Marrero: 16 titles, 27 finals

Another long-term partnership, Alejandra Salazar first joined forces with former tennis player Marta Marrero in 2015.

They won their second tournament, the 2015 San Fernando Open, beating Mapi and Majo Sanchez Alayeto in the final and starting a rivalry that would last for several years.

Salazar and Marrero would become number ones in 2016, winning seven titles, but could not defend their crown as Salazar would suffer a season-ending ACL injury in the Valladolid final.

While they came back to win six titles in 2018, they again failed to beat the Sanchez Alayeto twins to the number one, and decided to go their separate ways.

7. Sanyo Gutierrez / Maxi Sanchez: 18 titles, 30 finals

The couple with the seventh-most titles won in World Padel Tour history are also the ones to end Fernando Belasteguin's 16-year reign at the top of the rankings. 

Maxi Sanchez and 'Sanyo' Gutierrez first came together for the start of WPT in 2013, winning three titles in their debut season and two more in 2014.

After a poor start to 2015, Gutierrez and Sanchez would go their separate ways, but reunited for 2018, where they would dominate.

Eight titles from 12 finals would make them the number ones of the year, becoming the first players to beat Fernando Belasteguin, who had an injury-ridden season with Pablo Lima. Sanyo and Sanchez would get close again in 2019, but were just pipped by Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro, the first-ever Spaniards to become number ones of the world in men's padel.

6. Juan Martin Diaz / Fernando Belasteguin: 19 titles, 25 finals

Of course, this is a partnership that pre-dates World Padel Tour by over ten years, first forming in 2002.

Juan Martin Diaz and Fernando Belasteguin won over 150 titles before the WPT era, and would continue their dominance in 2013 and 2014, where they were the clear and distant number ones of the world.

They won ten and nine titles in those two years respectively, but would lose their last-ever match in the final of the 2014 Master Final.

To this day, they are seen as the best couple in professional padel history, and despite only playing two years in World Padel Tour, they are the sixth-most winningest duo ever.


5. Juan Lebron / Alejandro Galan: 23 titles, 34 finals

Three-time reigning number ones Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan still await their first title of the 2023 season, which has been hampered by multiple injuries to both.

However, this list is a good reminder of their utter dominance in the modern World Padel Tour era, winning six of the 11 tournaments in their maiden season in 2020.

Seven more would follow in 2021, and ten in 2022 to make it a hat-trick of years at the top of the rankings. 

Their all-out attack style of padel is supplemented by excellent defensive ability from the back of the court, while also being two of the best smashers and counterattackers on tour.


4. Alejandra Salazar / Gemma Triay: 23 titles, 35 finals

Just like Lebron and Galan, Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay are multiple-time reigning number ones, and just like Lebron and Galan, their season has been stopped because of an injury.

Salazar and Triay were favourites to become number ones from the off in 2021, and they made good on that promise quickly. They won 23 straight matches and five straight titles in the middle of the season, and dragged it over the line after winning the Cordoba Open with two tournaments to go.

2022 was a historic season in women's padel, with Salazar and Triay winning 12 titles during the year, smashing the previous record.

The current campaign started with three titles in the first four tournaments, but the Spaniards have gone winless since. Salazar has been injured since the Marbella Master, but is expected to return following the summer break.

3. Paula Josemaria / Ariana Sanchez: 23 titles, 39 finals

The yin to Salazar and Triay's yang, Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez have won exactly the same number of titles as their rivals, but win the tie-breaker as they have reached more finals.

Josemaria and Sanchez are already having their best-ever season despite it only being halfway, winning ten titles from 11 finals and going several thousand points clear at the top of the rankings.

'Ari y Paula' were second-best to Salazar and Triay in 2021, and lost the number one in the last match of 2022 at the Master Final, but seemed to have exorcised those demons.

In their third season together, it seems like Josemaria and Sanchez will finally be crowned number ones after getting agonisingly close in previous years - although there are still over 10 tournaments left!


2. Mapi S. Alayeto / Majo S. Alayeto: 32 titles, 51 finals

Credited as the couple to have revolutionised women's padel, Mapi and Majo Sanchez Alayeto are four-time number ones and are the most dominant couple in World Padel Tour history.

They ended 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 as the queens of padel, with injuries preventing them from doing the same in other seasons.

Mapi and Majo were the first women's couple to adopt a much more aggressive and attacking style of play, which is reflected now in almost all modern couples in the elite.

Now in their late thirties, the 'Atomic Twins' still compete at the very top of World Padel Tour, reaching multiple semi-finals in 2023.

1. Pablo Lima / Fernando Belasteguin: 35 titles, 44 finals

When you look up any type of record related to winning in World Padel Tour history, it is most likely that the holders are Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguin.

When they first got together in 2015, Lima and 'Bela' would not lose a single match for the whole season on the court - the only losses they accumulated were because of injuries.

Their 53-match winning streak is the longest-ever streak to this day, Coello and Tapia falling seven wins short earlier this season.

They would remain number ones for the next two seasons, until their 2018 and 2019 would be stop-start because of continuous injuries. Midway through 2019, Lima and Belasteguin split, but left behind a legacy that is yet to be overtaken by any other couple in World Padel Tour.

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